Piano Lessons Part 2

Develop social skills

Right from the moment you start taking lessons (if you attend a physical class) to the time you start performing in front of other people, the piano gives you the opportunity to mingle with other people. Children who are having trouble interacting with their peers or are obsessed with the TV and other gadgets should be encouraged to attend piano lessons. Being out there with other people will greatly develop their social skills. Should the learner then proceed to become a successful player who participates in public performances, their self esteem will be greatly boosted in addition to enlarging their circle of friends.

Teaches perseverance

To become a good piano player requires massive amounts of practice. People are gifted differently and while will see the results of their efforts after a short time some will take months and even years to become competent players. In any case, there is always something new to learn and different music genres to try and piano playing therefore becomes a lifelong engagement. Perfecting the piano requires a lot of perseverance and this is something that both the young and the old could benefit from.

Part 2