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This last weekend it was state fair time and such a joy as it is every year.  The same vendors for food were there as last year but a lot of new products in the Innovation area. From Beef Jerky to cool photography, this is always my favorite part of the fair. It’s amazing as a kid I never paid any attention to this but always wasted my money on the rigged games and not so scary rides.  At least they weren’t scary as a kid, now they are more scary as an adult knowing how they are put together and what accidents loom around the next turn.


We didn’t get a chance to attend the rodeo this year, but I’m sure the Bucking Broncs and Rank Bulls were the highlight like the always are.  The Bull riding is always my favorite when I do attend, although I have never understood what’s going through the bull riders heads as they mount up.  Or more so once they are being thrown off.  Crazy for sure.