Piano Lessons Part 2

Develop social skills

Right from the moment you start taking lessons (if you attend a physical class) to the time you start performing in front of other people, the piano gives you the opportunity to mingle with other people. Children who are having trouble interacting with their peers or are obsessed with the TV and other gadgets should be encouraged to attend piano lessons. Being out there with other people will greatly develop their social skills. Should the learner then proceed to become a successful player who participates in public performances, their self esteem will be greatly boosted in addition to enlarging their circle of friends.

Teaches perseverance

To become a good piano player requires massive amounts of practice. People are gifted differently and while will see the results of their efforts after a short time some will take months and even years to become competent players. In any case, there is always something new to learn and different music genres to try and piano playing therefore becomes a lifelong engagement. Perfecting the piano requires a lot of perseverance and this is something that both the young and the old could benefit from.

Part 2

Why you should take piano lessons

Long considered the instrument of choice for people with great intellect, the piano is a wonderful instrument that would make a great addition to any home. The belief that only geniuses can competently play the piano is certainly exaggerated and everybody, regardless of age, can benefit from piano lessons. Of course you stand a better chance of mastering this instrument if you start early. What are some of the benefits of learning to play the piano?

The concentration you need to play the piano competently works wonders for your mind. Feelings of loneliness are forgotten and a piano-playing person is less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. If you could avoid stress in your life, you are in a great position to avoid most modern afflictions since stress is the main contributor to most modern day diseases.
Piano lessons can be especially helpful for the aged person who risks getting age-related diseases such as dementia.

The person who does not play the piano might be surprised to learn that playing the instrument provides a physical exercise. To such people, the piano player does very little as he or she is sitting down. On the contrary, piano playing requires the mastering of the use of both hands to play varying keys. The player must also master hand-eye coordination. This is great exercise and for the young ones it helps develop motor skills.

Part 1

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This last weekend it was state fair time and such a joy as it is every year.  The same vendors for food were there as last year but a lot of new products in the Innovation area. From Beef Jerky to cool photography, this is always my favorite part of the fair. It’s amazing as a kid I never paid any attention to this but always wasted my money on the rigged games and not so scary rides.  At least they weren’t scary as a kid, now they are more scary as an adult knowing how they are put together and what accidents loom around the next turn.


We didn’t get a chance to attend the rodeo this year, but I’m sure the Bucking Broncs and Rank Bulls were the highlight like the always are.  The Bull riding is always my favorite when I do attend, although I have never understood what’s going through the bull riders heads as they mount up.  Or more so once they are being thrown off.  Crazy for sure.


Ok — who’s doing what and where?

Hi and welcome to our first post! We at City Festival absolutely loooooooooove good music and good events. We are also well connected within the industry — veeery well connected — and often get notification about events and tickets way in advance of the average person, which is good for you! While we’re not dishing out tickets, we’ll be talking about festivals, gigs, bands, instruments and just about anything that crosses our party going minds.

So, if you haven’t made it to a festival already this year… then you’re in luck! There are tonnes coming up in the following weeks, so be sure to get in touch with the team, should you want tickets. If you’re in Atlanta, then the wrecking ball is the event for you. Wrecking ball covers pretty much everything and anything to do with rock and metal. Punk rock, rock and roll, death rock, glam rock, death metal, metal, and everything in between. It’s quite a big deal too, as more than 10,000 festival goers descend on the City’s out skirts to hear the best rock/metal has to offer. Of course, camping is available for singles, couples and family’s, although we would recommend that small child, although are welcomed, should not attend the event as it isn’t always easy to cater to children under the age of seven.

Wrecking ball is held over a three-day period and includes several big acts! Prices are reasonable… in fact, we’d go as far as to say that prices are great value as there is no other festival in the US that offers the caliber of bands, venue, facilities and general atmosphere as Wrecking Ball.

The bad news… it’s sold out! The good news… we have reserved 100 tickets for you lucky men and women. As to be expected, it’s first come first serve AND we will only sell two tickets per person. I.D will also be required, as we are taking a hard line to minimize touting.

If you miss out on these tickets are you’re still really keen to go… then you could take a chance and see if anyone is selling their ticket on the door! Failing that… then you’re gonna have to consider other events… which is OK, cause there’s absolutely loads!

How about the critically acclaimed Camp Barefoot in Elkins, West Virginia!? Oh… my… GOSH! What a festival — this one defies description for all the right reasons. At this festival you can guess what the theme is… AND the music selection is high quality and eclectic — you will not be disappointed. An added bonus is that it still has tickets on sale… upon our last check… no promises. However, should they run out anytime soon, I’m sure we’d be able to get a few for you lucky people. Aren’t we good to you. All you need to do is get in touch with us and a member of the team will see what they can do.

Phew — what a first post. Keep in touch guys — rock on!